Clinty Regen Limited has received Invest NI Selective Financial Assistance and Grant for Research and Development in support of its investment and growth plans. Part financed by the Investment for Growth and Jobs Programme for Northern Ireland 2014-2020, co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund. Clinty Regen Limited aims to develop regeneration and water treatment processes for new customers and improve process control changes in the Regen process to make the technology more saleable. These projects will assist the company in purchasing KP test equipment to establish in-house test capabilities that will provide a more cost effective customer approach as well as providing a quicker response time for improved process control and visibility.
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Clinty Regen Ltd

Better, cleaner and more efficient chemi-milling.

Clinty Regen is based in Northern Ireland and provide cost effective and environmentally-friendly chemi-milling solutions that reduce chemical purchase and waste streams whilst increasing plant output. Combining our expertise with innovative solutions, we help companies reduce waste and increase their own process control, gaining better efficiencies and profits through better practice. We have built up an enviable reputation in the aerospace industry. We deal with companies throughout Northern Ireland, Ireland, the UK and Europe.

• Superior regeneration and recovery of chemical etchant bath liquors
• Less wastage and increased throughput
• Elimination of toxic sodium aluminate waste
• Improved process control and reduced maintenance costs
• Cleaner, greener and better for the environment
• Vastly improved productivity and increased profits

Clinty Regen’s goal is to provide a unique service to aerospace and other industries whilst enhancing both environmental and commercial benefits through the use of innovative recycling technologies.

- Mission Statement

Clinty Regen LTD Services Include

Chemical Milling

Green & Clean technology

Sodium Aluminum & Alloy

Aluminum Hydroxide