We aim to deliver measurable results by using cutting-edge technology in chemi-milling with minimal environmental impact.

Formed in 1997, Clinty Regen Ltd is a subsidiary of Clinty Chemicals Ltd, a long-established chemical manufacturer supplying the Irish water treatment and chemical industries. The company is based in Northern Ireland and employs a team of highly-skilled scientists, chemical engineers and process supervisors. With an awareness of increasing environmental legislation and spiralling disposal costs, Clinty Regen recognised the positive impact its chemical regeneration process could have on the chemi-milling industry by reducing disposal and environmental costs while improving process efficiencies. As we are currently the leading company delivering this unique system in Europe, we aim to offer our services more widely, particularly within the aerospace industry.

Our expertise enables a flexible approach to be taken with the variable workflow that is part of aircraft production. We provide both turnkey and owner-operated packages for better chemi-milling solutions.