The aerospace industry faces increasingly stringent legislation and EU environmental directives, but the Regen system addresses environmental concerns regarding waste disposal and cost. It vastly reduces the environmental footprint of the chemi-milling process by removing the need to dispose of spent chemi-milling waste. This reduces the spiralling cost of such disposal. The Regen System is beneficial to the environment as it provides a way to recycle the toxic by-products of the chemical milling process by making the majority of these by-products inert. Instead of one toxic waste stream, our client has three new products:

• A cleansed, reusable, chemi-milling solution
• An aluminium hydrate by-product which can be used in water treatment and other industries
• A heavy metal by-product which can easily be re-used within the asphalt/bitumen industry.

The environmental benefits of the Regen system were recognised when the company was honoured with the prestigious Green Apple and Manufacturing Industry Achievement Awards.

A spokesperson for the MIAA Awards described the Regen System as: “An excellent example of a ‘whole-life’ management approach that has managed to successfully address environmental concerns, whilst at the same time producing benefits for both companies involved. A win-win situation for everyone.”